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Women's Care Center of Greater La Porte County Endowment Fund

Women's Care Center of Greater La Porte County
512 Maple Ave
La Porte, IN 46350

Thanks to donors like you…. every other baby born in La Porte County now starts with Women’s Care Center. Our mission is to help young women choose life for their babies, have healthier pregnancies, become better parents and take first steps to self-sufficiency. Pregnant women come to the 2 centers in La Porte and Michigan City in great numbers. In an environment of unconditional love, a woman is able to recognize her own dignity and feel genuinely valued. And nine times out of ten, this leads to a choice for life. Education and ongoing support is also provided after a choice for life. Moms and dads are encouraged to work hard, attend parenting classes, set goals and stay in school. And thanks to your generous support, every small child who visits one of our centers leaves with books to encourage a love of reading.
Because all programs are offered free of charge, your support in La Porte County Gives is vitally important and will touch so many moms and babies in our community.
Over the last year, the Women's Care Centers in La Porte and Michigan City... - Served 1,351 Women - Who Made 4,543 Visits - Helped 93% Choose Life - Distributed 18,173 Diapers - And Distributed 408 Children's Books
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